Leading up to… Erin Condren - Life Planner Launch 2023

Erin Condrens biggest and most anticipated launch of the year - 2023-2024 LifePlanner launch.  This launch will have you INSPIRED to plan and WILD for fresh, new designs, accessories,  and more! 

Let’s look back at some of the past LifePlanner launches: 

2022-2023 - Largest launch to date, with most available size options, layouts and interior designs.  They introduced the A5 compact vertical.  In this launch there are three different binding options:  coiled, ring agenda and binder (binder is only 7x9, in the harmony colorful and daily duo layout formats only).  Two different size planners:  7”x9” and the A5 (5.3”x8”), unfortunately there is no 8.5”x11” LifePlanner in this launch.  The interior designs in this launch: Harmony Colorful, Harmony Neutral, In Bloom and Colorblends.  Then the planning layouts: vertical, horizontal, hourly, daily duo and now the A5 compact vertical.   


2021-2022 - This launch they introduced their first A5 planner and a 8.5"x11" planner.   The available interior design or themes were MCC Colorful, Flora, Just My Type (neutral).  The highly anticipated A5 size was available in a coiled daily duo or horizontal and in an A5 agenda as will in both daily duo and horizontal.  Depending on your size and layout of your choosing, will give you the choices of your inside design or theme.  Not all sizes and layouts are available in every design.  

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