Erin Condren - 2023 Life Planner Launch

Erin Condren - 2023 Life Planner Launch

The time has come…the anticipation is over.  Life Planner launch is on, let’s take a look and this years new options.  

FIRST, the beautiful Inspire design

this vibrant and abstract design is in collaboration with EttaVee!  Literally this one make me smile. 

NEXT up is Wildflowers

this design is for the floral lovers (this use to be me), delicate pastel watercolor.

AND THEN there is Canvas

this is my design choice this year.  A total clean slate, with grey tabs.  

And finally for the very minimalist there is Focus

All of EC planners have high quality thick 80lb paper, they are made in the USA and have several layouts and sizes!  Check out this guide for what design, size, and layout will be offered this launch season.

Let's talk about planner layouts, not much has changed from previous years.  First up will be the 7x9 size planners.  As shown below we have the hourly,  this year's hourly they have added two habit boxes on the bottom left sidebar and more space at the top of each column.  The hourly is perfect for someone that needs to visualize what they have going on each day by the hour.

Below we have the vertical layout, three vertical boxes to help stay organized each day.

Here is the horizontal layout.  This layout is perfect to jot down each days activities, appointments and to-dos.

Daily has been a favorite, there is a page for everyday of the week, this layout combines hourly (to keep track of items by the hour) and still gives you plenty of room for lists, journaling and other items.

This sums up the coiled 7x9 planner options for 2023-2024.

Next will be the A5 size planner, offered in 3 layouts and either in a coiled version or the agenda (as picture in each layout below).

A5 is offered in the the daily, smaller version of the 7x9.  Perfect for the busy planner that needs lots of space to keep organized.

Next is the compact vertical, this was introduces last year for the A5 size planner. Perfect small space for planner the day exactly how you would like.

Last we have the horizontal, for again those that like to be able to have control over how they plan there days and weeks.  

If you haven't tried an EC Planner, use this link below and check them out today

2023 - 2024 Erin Condren Life Planners 

~ Jenille

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